Clay Impact Apparatus

    Model: GT-7037-HR

    The GT-7037-HR clay impact apparatus is a compact auxiliary device designed specifically for conducting vertical drop impact tests. It utilizes an electromagnetic release device and specialized striker to conduct a free fall impact.

    1. Assess the suitability of modeling clay for toecap testing purposes.
    2. Compact size and space-saving design.

    Textile Water Vapour Permeability Tester

    Model: GT-7005-TH

    The GT-7005-TH is specifically designed to determine the water vapor transmission rate, water vapor permeance, and water vapor permeability of textile materials with a thickness under 10mm. During a WVT test, a test dish filled with test specimen and desiccant is conditioned at prescribed temperature and humidity for a specified test duration in a controlled chamber. 

    Note: This device is not intended for testing materials with a water vapor transmission rate exceeding 29000g/(m2•24h).

    1. Suitable for determining the water vapor transmission (WVT) and resistance to hot, cold, dry, or humid environment.
    2. Precise temperature and humidity control, water supply, and air velocity regulation systems.


    Automatic Sample Buffing Machine

    Model: GT-7015-A1H

    The GT-7015-A1H is a high-efficiency sample buffing machine designed to trim rubber or EVA materials, ensuring they meet the testing requirement for tensile, tearing, aging, and flexing tests.

    1. PLC and HMI control system and automatic specimen loading mechanism.
    2. Using acrylic safety shield to reduce noise and prevent flying debris.
    3. Equipped with high-efficiency vacuum cleaner and dust collector bag.


    Shoelace Knot Slippage Tester

    Model: GT-7045-SL

    The GT-7045-SL is specifically designed to determine the performance of tied shoelaces against slippage during walking.

    1. Able to simulate repeated impacts caused by real walking using acceleration sensor and count the number of cycles at prescribed angle and frequency to withstand knot slippage.
    2. User-friendly HMI control system.
    3. Paired with dedicated software to check the peak speed for acceleration calibration.


    Toothbrush Tuft Stiffness Tester

    Model: GT-7219-T

    The GT-7219-T is specially designed to determine the tuft stiffness of toothbrushes for both adults and kids. The tuft stiffness is calculated during the test by measuring the tuft deflection force.

    1. Able to measure the positive and negative tuft deflection force, displaying test results automatically on the user-friendly HMI screen.
    2. Utilizing height-adjustable module to accommodate various types of samples.


    Slide Fasteners Reciprocating Tester

    Model: GT-7518-2

    The GT-7518-2 is designed to determine the resistance of slide fastener with a teeth length greater than 80mm to repeated opening and closing. During a test, the slide fastener held under tension is repeated opened and closed until a prescribe number of cycles is reached.

    1. Designed for easy operation.
    2. Stops test automatically when the prescribe number of cycles is reached or when the specimen failure occurs.
    3. Secure and adjustable clamps.
    4. Suitable for slide fasteners used in footwear.